New VR Action Adventure Game The Witching Tower announced

Coming to Steam, Occulus Store, and PlayStation Store this Summer

The Witching Tower, a new VR Action Adventure game by Daily Magic Productions has been announced to be coming to the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR this summer. Players will have to immerse themselves in a new dark fantasy world and explore the Tower all the while solving puzzles and defeating enemies.

About The Witching Tower:

It’s been 6 years since the Undead’s war ended. During this period of time the Tower has invigorated itself with the fear and pain that masked the kingdom. Nightmares far beyond a mortals’ imagination plagued the land. Deities that you have yet to discover have chosen you to survive, but why? Your name is Anna and you hold secrets that may be the key into drastically changing the future, for better or for worse.

Adventure through each level of the Tower; havi ng its own history and individual quirks. Brace yourself for a unique and unparalleled experience enhanced with breathtaking visuals and environments. Fight your enemies with a powerful blade, fend off their attacks, find out their weaknesses and inflict crushing strikes! Counter your enemies’ attacks and unleash a flurry of devastating blows! Shoot with a bow or throw books – the choice is yours! Explore the Tower and you’ll understand the dangers that invaded the kingdom. Skeletons, bats, undead — these creatures won’t let you catch a breath! Capture its mind and you’ll be able to make the enemy fight for you. The magical vision will help you to see what is invisible at first glance. And if you show a little ingenuity, the magical lasso will let you dominate your enemies with the environment!

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