If you’re sitting there shaking your head wondering, what the hell is Deadpool, then holy crap have you been missing out. You could go grab a hot pocket and Wikipedia this bad boy if you really wanted to but I’ll give you the bare essentials regardless.

Deadpool, informally known as Wade Winston Wilson, is a Marvel character notoriously known for his comical personality traits. He is an expert martial artist, swordsman, and marksman with (Wolverine-like) healing abilities, along with incredibly scarred facial features. In almost all of his depictions, Deadpool is an anti-hero with a wicked mental instability that often enjoys breaking the fourth wall. His humor, insanity, and cameos often make him a fan favorite.


(A Deadpool depiction of you looking up Deadpool)

Now, as a Deadpool fan myself, I was both worried and excited for this hefty-betsy leap at giving Deadpool his own game, but you know what? (No, what?) I am relatively satisfied with the experience.

The mechanics of the game operate as Arkham Asylum hack’n slash. Enemies are not necessarily difficult and are not necessarily too diverse. You’re progressively armed with Deadpool’s ridiculous amounts of weaponry consisting of swords, scai, hammers, grenades, land mines, bear traps, fists, and feet, along with numerous guns. Fights are often over-the-top and ridiculous, including the boss battles.

The gameplay is definitely nothing revolutionary and certainly won’t blow you out of the water. The mechanics can be sloppy with cheap shots and poor camera angles but this was too bed expected. It is best to note that this game is an accurate production of what a Deadpool game should be: imperfect and loads of fun.


Story-wise, it’s what you’d expect. Deadpool kidnaps High Noon Studios and forces them to make “the most awesome game staring himself!” As for the entirety of the story, Cheat Code Central summed it quite nicely, “…a good laugh, fart jokes, guns, explosions, boobs, chimichangas, comics, swords, and pretty much anything awesome.” It won’t blow your mind or bring you to tears but it will certainly entertain you and give a few good laughs.

Realistically, this game isn’t about to win any awards. It isn’t going to take itself seriously and it isn’t going to captivate every type of gamer. Deadpool is a very distinct character with a personality that may only appeal to some of the populace. The game is everything you would expect from a Deadpool piece and nothing more. It has fun elements with some sloppy and repetitive gameplay. Deadpool fans will love this game to death while other gamers will find it a hit-or-miss.


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