Payday 2 Review

What is Payday 2?

Tired of being the hero? Want to unleash your inner criminal self? Well now you can with Payday 2. Sporting customizable masks and the original PAYDAY gang – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains – players can conduct a rampage of crimes across Washington D.C. under the guide of the mysterious organization known as CRIMENET. From heists, to smuggling drugs, to burning meth labs, to stealing weapons, jewelry, gold, and cash, players must inevitably work together to fulfill their lucrative contracts and receive the ultimate payday.

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Is Payday 2 worth my payday?

Well, it depends on what you’re expecting from Payday 2. For comparative purposes, a casual gamer find this game quite similar to Left 4 Dead. It’s unpolished, a little buggy, has a limited amount of content, ridiculous replay ability, and could be considered a work in progress. It won’t be perfect but it will definitely be a bit of fun.


Now there isn’t necessarily a singleplayer storyline, in fact, the singleplayer/offline elements are lacking quite a bit. Overkill Studios did add some decent live-action episodes on the web to give the game a bit of background but in reality, it may just leave you wishing that there were more depth to the story; however, keep in mind, that this game is meant to be a co-operative multiplayer experience and not a mind-blowing story arc.

Payday 2 is heavily dependent on co-operative play. Four players connected online to plan a heist can range from rewarding and fun to utter and complete hatred or frustration. That is to be expected though. Every heist has a multitude of possibilities. The escape van could pull up on one side of the bank and then the next time show up in an alley at the end of the street. Getaway drivers could be shot, building layouts can be changed, and mission objectives or guards may be in entirely different locations. Regardless of how much a player plans a heist, there will always have to be some sort of improvisation.


That being said, this is where Payday 2 really kicks in the works. Every heist will be different. The dynamic levels and enemy tactics allows from immense replay-ability. Thrown in alongside a leveling-up mechanic, strong weaponry and customizable characters will make Payday 2 one hell of a ride for players and their friends. Personally, I never thought three minutes could feel so long until I was I trapped in the middle of a bank fighting off fully armored SWAT teams while screaming at hostages to get down as the rooms around me filled with tear gas.

Now I purchased this game new for $40. I preordered it for shits and giggles and am relatively pleased with my product. The game may be a bit clunky at first. There may be a few flaws and lack of content but I have complete faith in Overkill Studios. The features, changes, and additions players are asking for are going to be given to them free of charge. During an interview with Polygon, a developer stated that the studio will add the missing features when they are comfortable with the quality of those features.


So, that being said, is Payday 2 worth your payday? As of now, it certainly could be but give the developers some time and it certainly will be. The game is a fun and action-packed experience that I’d advise to anyone looking for a bit of co-operative play.

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Overall - 8



The game is a fun and action-packed experience that I’d advise to anyone looking for a bit of co-operative play.

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