UEFA Euro 2012 Review

When the Premiere League season ended last week most fans began to eagerly look forward to the next European Football Championships. Why? Because fans need their “fix” and going without soccer (or football) games to watch means they have to watch one of the talents or idol shows with their significant other. EA is well aware of this rabid fan base and has been willing to do anything to help these poor souls feed this addiction. For years they have released new games based on the various European Football Championships and the World Cup, but not this year. Instead of a completely new game, EA released UEFA EURO 2012 as DLC for FIFA 2012. However, that doesn’t mean its as cheap as most other EA DLC. Costing 1800 MS points or $19.99 on the PlayStation Network, EURO 2012 is one of the most expensive DLC on the market.

What You Get:

UEFA EURO 2012 includes all 53 UEFA member nations, however, 24 of them are unlicensed and include fictitious players instead of the real ones. The game also includes all 8 official EURO 2012 stadiums, and a new mode called Expedition Mode. The pageantry and beauty of tournament play. Oh, and how could I forget, lots and lots of magenta colored menus.

What You Don’t Get:

It doesn’t include the ability to play the qualifying rounds, a new soundtrack, and Captain Your Country Mode.

The Break Down:

So what does this mean to the average player? Well, it means that with only the main tournament and no qualifying rounds the tournament goes fairly quick compared to past instances. This causes a significant loss of replayability, to make up for this EA put in the Expedition Mode. Expedition Mode, which has no direct correlation to the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament, is more of a mix between career mode and tournament mode. Your goal is to take a team full of scrubs (reserve players) and face off against European national teams. For every win, you get a player from the other team, the first win against a team gets you a reserve, the second a regular player, and the third a superstar. Also for each win, you open up roads to other teams, for each loss you have the potential to lose said road.

Overall UEFA EURO 2012 is a fun add-on to FIFA 2012 that adds hours of replayability, its price may be steep for some players but it is cheaper than a separate game.



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